Sr. Backend Engineer (Mandarin Speaker)

Job Description

  • Java
  • Mandarin

About Us

Our client is one of the biggest fintech companies in Indonesia (multi-national) that offers banking, consumer credit, digital investment, and insurance brokerage services through virtual credit card and e-commerce platforms.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and execute test cases according to product requirements, track and locate defects or issues in the product;
  • Research, use, and develop testing tools and automated testing frameworks and scripts to improve testing efficiency;
  • Independently set up testing environments;
  • Optimize project development processes and tools to improve delivery efficiency for RD and the entire project, and assist in locating issues during development;
  • Provide suggestions for product improvement based on the user experience during the project, assess and control project quality risks, and provide solutions;
  • Complete code design and coding according to detailed design, debug and test self-developed basic code, and fix code defects found during testing to ensure quality.

Key Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in computer software or communications preferred;
  • intermediate level in Mandarin 
  • More than 2 years of Java or Java web development experience; proficient in front-end technologies such as HTML5 and CSS; proficient in SQL language; familiar with web frameworks such as SpringMVC, SSM, and Spring Boot;
  • Strong fundamentals in data structures and algorithms are a plus;
  • Experience in both front-end and back-end testing is preferred;
  • Strong learning ability, analytical, problem-solving skills, strong logical thinking, and communication skills.